Nothing Trending.

Apparently it’s a slow day in twitterland.

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On Time Events….NOT

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Printer and tablet

HP has a new printer in the stores with an attached tablet.



It looks interesting and the tablet is wireless running Android.

RSS Newsreader

I’m having an ongoing issue with NetNewsWire.

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The contents often fails appear.

HR and Recruiters

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The above screen shot was something received today from an email I sent to a recruiter that had actively sought me out for a position they were trying to fill. It speaks volumes to me on just how incompetent this recruiting firm is.

I sent the email today, a full week after having no communication from the recruiter after completing two interviews, and several daily phone calls and emails prior to the interviews.

I find it completely unprofessional that recruiters and HR departments treat potential co-workers and sources of income in such a amateurish manner.

Best Buy Mobile Stores.

Best Buy Mobile stores are starting to pop up in our local Shopping Malls.

At the Cherry Creek Mall.

At Denver West Mall.

Merchandiser’s with a sense of humour.

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Gee, I wonder why.

Let’s look for clues here as to why this might be in the trending column.

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This is why I don’t put a lot of stock in what is presented in this column by Twitter. I assert that this column is entirely to easy to fix for promotions and items you want to appear to be on peoples minds.

Signs your child is going to need therapy.

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iPad Kiosk’s

A couple of our local iPad kiosks.

At a local Best Buy.

At a local Target.