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Unboxing Nokia E90 and BH 903


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Customer Service – Fail.

Customer Service – Fail.

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Would you really want to come out of the Airport and find this waiting for you? The driver for this Limousine Service isn’t wearing a suit, his shirt is wrinkled, shirt collar unbuttoned and tie loosened. See notes on the photo.

First it was the food…

for the Democratic Convention to be held here in Denver at the end of August. I wrote about the food police mandates that the DNC has for the convention earlier. Now, it seems there are issues with finding “appropriate” union and organic items for the DNC volunteers.

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$7 Gas as a Positive?

One of the plethora of reasons I don’t watch the evening news are reports like these. Of course there’s no mention of Sen. Obama and the Democrats and their callousness, and uncaring attitude towards the American People, regarding how much we’re paying for gas.

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Who knew?

Who knew?

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Had I know this earlier I’d probably feel a lot better.

Another Obama Lie

Sen. Obama and the Democrats caught lying again. It’s becoming more and more evident that Sen. Obama and the Democrats have no plans or options or willingness to address the high cost of gas/oil crisis that the American people are facing. Sen. Obama and the Democrats, the Political Party of Don’t, Won’t and Can’t. Sen. Obama’s campaign slogan should be changed to “No we Can’t.

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What Oil Money Will Buy… When You Drill It Yourself

This was to good not to post in full, from the good folks at Gateway Pundit.

What Oil Money Will Buy… When You Drill It Yourself: “This is what you get when you have the largest economy in the world buying your oil–
Buying your oil because they refuse to develop their own reserves.

The world’s tallest building.

the Burj Dubai, soon to be the tallest building in the world.
One hundred and fifty floors in Dubai. (Flickr)

Indoor desert skiing.

Ski Dubai is the largest indoor ski resort in the world. (Flickr)

New developments.

Doha, Qatar.

Your own manmade island.

The image shows this man-made island that lies off the coast of Dubai in
The Persian Gulf. The island is being built from 80 million cubic
Meters of land dredged from the approach channel to the Emirate’s
Jebel Ali Port. (Flickr)

Are you paying enough for gas, yet?”

(Via Gateway Pundit.)

Democrats – Bait and Switch on Gas Prices.

Sen. Obama and his Democrat Party, instead of being pro-active on the current gas/oil price crisis, and knowing they have no energy policy have resurrected the “Federal Price Gouging Prevention Act.” It’s also painfully apparent that the Democrats are to busy finding fault and digging up failed policy’s instead of addressing the issue with workable, honest solutions that will benefit us all.

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Flock 2 Beta

This is a new download. Nothing else running and have restarted the machine. Go figure. It’s beta. I downloaded this version on the older iMac and it loaded and is working with some challenges. On the Intel machine, Flock won’t even load.

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Airlines and their additional fees.


The airlines have been, crying, complaining about the high fuel prices for a while now. To combat these soaring prices, United Airlines, US Airways and American Airlines, to name a few, have begun to charge for your checked luggage. The rules and regulations and charging options vary from Airline to Airline. Now United is opting to require minimum stays for their passengers beginning in October, 2008. While, overall this new trend of baggage charges and minimum stays is a slap in the face of customer service and the flying public, there is a big missing in the overall issue of rising airline fuel prices.

Where are the airlines, here in the U.S., on the rising cost of their fuel? I’ve yet to hear any airline spokesman taking Congress and the Democrats to task on their blocking of drilling and seeking sources of energy that we have here in the U.S.. Do they not care that the stonewalling by Democrats is a direct result of their higher prices? Are they all tired of being in the airline business and are just looking for the easy way out? Also, what is the trickle down effect of the horrible customer service and airline new draconian rules and regulations upon the economy and their flying public?

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