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What will the Bend Over Republicans do with tax cheat Tom Daschle?

Where is the outrage? Where are the calls for a special investigator? Where are the calls for a special prosecutor? Sadly I don’t think we’ll see any of these. This is what occurs when the voters elect a President with, no experience, no judgement and no integrity. All we’re left with is tax cheat’s in the new Administration and an empty blue suit for a President.

What will the Bend Over Republicans do with tax cheat Tom Daschle?: “

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Unreal!… Stimulus Includes Government Plan to Crush New Cars

This is Stimulus? More evidence of what nonsense is being touted as Economic Recovery in Washington.

Unreal!… Stimulus Includes Government Plan to Crush New Cars: “ sent out this news alert tonight.
Democrats want to include a new car crushing plan in the ‘stimulus’ bill where the government would buy new cars and trucks that obtain less than 18 mpg and crush them.

Politicians Want to Use Tax Dollars to Crush Newer-Model Trucks and SUVs

Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA)
Oppose S. 247 and H.R. 520
SEMA ( Specialty Equipment Market Association) is opposing an effort by some Washington lawmakers to include a national car crushing program in the upcoming economic stimulus package. Vehicles targeted for the scrap pile will likely include Chevy Blazers, Silverados, S-10s and Tahoes; Dodge Dakotas and Rams; Ford Explorers and F-Series; Jeep Cherokees and Wranglers; and any other SUV or truck that obtains less than 18 mpg.

The so-called ‘Accelerated Retirement of Inefficient Vehicles Act’ is ‘Cash for Clunkers’ with a twist. Instead of focusing exclusively on old cars as is typical with scrappage programs, this bill will target any vehicle with lower fuel-economy ratings. Participants will receive a cash voucher to purchase a more fuel-efficient new car or used car (model year 2004 or later) or receive credit for the purchase of public transportation tickets.

Under the legislation, ‘fuel efficient’ means at least 25% better mileage than the CAFE standard. It will be illegal to resell the scrapped vehicles. Bill sponsors want to destroy 4 million pickups and SUVs over the next four years.

The program will fail to achieve its goal of improving fuel efficiency and stimulating car sales, but will increase unemployment and the cost of used cars and parts. Here’s why:

* Given the minimal $1,500–$4,500 voucher value, the program will lure rarely driven second and third vehicles that have minimal impact on overall fuel economy and air pollution. This is not a wise investment of tax dollars.

* The program will reduce the number of vehicles available for low-income individuals and drive up the cost of the remaining vehicles and repair parts. This is a basic supply-and-demand reality.

* The program will remove the opportunity to market specialty products that are designed exclusively for the targeted pickups and SUVs, including equipment that increases engine performance and fuel mileage. Congress will be enacting a program to eliminate jobs and reduce business revenues in the automotive aftermarket.

* The idea that the trucks and SUVs must be scrapped in order to save energy is irrational. The program’s ‘carbon footprint’ does not factor in the amount of energy and natural resources expended in manufacturing the existing car, spent scrapping it and manufacturing a replacement car.

* The program fails to acknowledge driver needs, such as the ability to transport a family, tow a trailer or rely upon the performance, safety and utility characteristics associated with the larger vehicles. Instead, these vehicles will be destroyed.

* There is no evidence that the program will achieve the goal of boosting new-car sales or increasing fuel mileage. Many states have considered scrappage programs in the past as a way to help clean the air or increase mpg, but abandoned the effort because they simply don’t work. The programs are not cost-effective and do not achieve verifiable fuel economy or air-quality benefits.

* The program will hurt thousands of independent repair shops, auto restorers, customizers and their customers across the country that depend on the used-car market. This industry provides thousands of American jobs and generates millions of dollars in local, state and federal tax revenues.

‘Our members, like all business entities, are suffering the effects of the stalled economy,’ said Steve McDonald, SEMA vice president of government affairs. ‘In fact, for our members that market product for newer vehicles, we depend on a thriving and vibrant auto industry to create new business opportunities. We support efforts to spur new-car sales. We don’t, however, support public policy efforts that we are convinced don’t work and will waste tax dollars in the process.’

SEMA Urges You to Oppose This Legislation

This is pure insanity.
The program would cost a fortune and deliver nothing.
And, of course the ones who will be hurt the most are low income individuals.
But, this doesn’t seem to bother the democrats.”

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Whopsie! Daschle’s Tax Problems Are More Extensive Than First Thought

Are we beginning to see a trend here in the new administration of President Obama? People who are suppose to be some of the smartest people for their respective positions, failing to complete simple tasks that everyone is expected to complete. Are these really the smartest people that President Obama can find?

Whopsie! Daschle’s Tax Problems Are More Extensive Than First Thought: “Looks like Daschle has a bigger problem than not paying taxes on the gift of a car and driver. He didn’t report consulting income and claimed charitable contributions that didn’t qualify. All in all he had to pony up an…”

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Twitter Backgrounds.

Twitter Backgrounds.

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Friday morning observation. This is something that’s been bothering me for a while, and I finally decided to write about it.

Skype Synch?

I sure wish Skype would sync with all the computers I have it installed upon

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What We Lost With The Passage Of The Stimulus Package

What We Lost With The Passage Of The Stimulus Package: “

Here is a little list:

  1. The ability to restore fiscal discipline, given that we passed a stimulus bill in the House that spends more than did the massive New Deal boondoggles of years past.
  2. The ability to have a separate and vigorous argument over education policy, given that federal education outlays have been doubled in the stimulus bill.
  3. The ability to have a separate and vigorous argument over health care policy, given that the states are receiving $87 billion in Medicare funds, and that Medicaid and SCHIP coverage is being determined through the stimulus bill.
  4. The ability to have a separate and vigorous argument over redistribution of wealth, given that the stimulus bill engages in redistribution.
  5. The ability to crack down on the culture of earmarks.

Sources are here, here, and here. These are the ‘good government’ policies that were sold to us during the election?

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This is the Hope and Change you voted for?

Democrat Vote Buying “Stimulus” Bill to Give Tax “Credits” to Illegal Aliens?

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Democrat Vote Buying “Stimulus” Bill to Give Tax “Credits” to Illegal Aliens?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, we find out about this, instance of your tax dollars at work. President Obama, a man with no integrity, no experience and no judgement. Is this really the Hope and Change that was voted for?

Democrat Vote Buying “Stimulus” Bill to Give Tax “Credits” to Illegal Aliens?: “

No requirement for a valid Social Security number. Why not save postage and just send them a certificate of citizenship and a voter registration card along with the check?

In yesterday’s report on the Hogzilla stimulus bill, we cited the Wall Street Journal editorial which draws attention to $83 billion for redistribution of wealth through tax refund checks to people who don’t pay income taxes. And you thought it wasn’t a vote buying bill?

Dick Morris describes the problem this way:

GOP, Push Free Enterprise
by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
January 28, 2009

…In the name of economic stimulus, it not only has every item any liberal ever asked of Santa Claus on Christmas eve, it also contains the seeds of a permanent shift toward a European-style socialist democracy. Its dramatic exemption of more than half of Americans from paying federal income taxes (it is now about one-third who don’t pay them) and its generosity in awarding this voting majority a welfare check — called a refundable tax credit — moves the politics of taxation sharply to the left.

But worse still, a loophole in the current bill:

Hill Republican: Stimulus aids illegal immigrants
The Associated Press
January 29, 2009

WASHINGTON: A top Republican congressional aide says the $800 billion-plus economic stimulus measure could steer government checks to illegal immigrants.

Republican officials are concerned that the Democratic-written legislation makes people who came to the United States illegally eligible for tax credits of $500 per worker and $1,000 per couple.

A House-passed version of the bill and one making its way through the Senate both disqualify nonresident aliens from receiving the credits. But neither requires a worker to have a Social Security number to get the credits.

An economic aid measure enacted in February 2008 that sent rebates to most wage earners required that people have valid Social Security numbers in order to get checks.

With all the opportunities for corruption and waste in this bill, which is more than one third the amount we spent for the entire federal government in fiscal year 2008, no one should be surprised at this oversight. It’s one of many that are only now coming to light as the bill heads to the Senate.

Senate Republicans will do their best to block Hogzilla, but they can’t stop this trainwreck without a few defections from Democrats. We found 11 House Democrats with backbone. Are there at least one or two in the Senate?

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Democrat Vote Buying “Stimulus” Bill to Give Tax “Credits” to Illegal Aliens?

ABC’s Good Morning America Highlights Billions of Non-Economic Spending in Democrats’ Trillion Dollar “Stimulus” Bill

It appears in some circles, that the media is catching on to this “Crap Sandwich.” Now to see if they’re just paying lip service or will actually follow through and continue to report on this massive boondoggle.

ABC’s Good Morning America Highlights Billions of Non-Economic Spending in Democrats’ Trillion Dollar “Stimulus” Bill: “On ABC’s Good Morning America, White House Correspondent Jake Tapper highlighted the billions upon billions of spending in the congressional Democrats’ trillion dollar bill that has nothing to do with creating jobs and strengthening the economy. From $335 million for education on sexually transmitted diseases to $650 million for digital TV coupons, the package is loaded with spending that will be paid for by future generations – without providing any immediate benefit for families and small businesses that need help during the current economic crisis.”

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ABC’s Good Morning America Highlights Billions of Non-Economic Spending in Democrats’ Trillion Dollar “Stimulus” Bill

Cramer and Matthews: Where’s the Infrastructure Spending?

I would assert that there never was any intention for infrastructure spending in the stimulus bill that was passed, by the Democratic Controlled House.

Cramer and Matthews: Where’s the Infrastructure Spending?: “Even CNBC ‘Mad Money’ and MSNBC ‘Hardball’ hosts question the stimulative effects of congressional Democrats’ bill.”

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Cramer and Matthews: Where’s the Infrastructure Spending?