I’m actively looking for other/alternative work to what I’m currently doing. has it’s issues, and my interaction with their customer service people has been less than positive.

So I get an e-mail from promoting, and I figure what the heck, I’ll check it out. So I input Denver, Colorado and a radius of 30 miles for their search. I’m then taken to a splash ad page that looks like this –
Picture 2.png

Now maybe it’s just me, and shouldn’t your web site be able to read the geographical area I’ve just input and give me a local ad rather than one from Orlando, FL?

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3 responses to “ and

  1. I am interested in Sologig but would like to know how many lawsuits have been filed against them for nonpayment that would tell me whether or not I want to actually spend the time trying to find work through them.

  2. I’m glad I researched these websites before looking into applying. Is there a legit website out there that does promote work-at-home opportunities? I would love to know!

  3. 2 years – 2 listings relevant, no results.

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