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Nothing Trending.

Apparently it’s a slow day in twitterland.

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Gee, I wonder why.

Let’s look for clues here as to why this might be in the trending column.

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This is why I don’t put a lot of stock in what is presented in this column by Twitter. I assert that this column is entirely to easy to fix for promotions and items you want to appear to be on peoples minds.

Welcome to Monday.

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Twitter Backgrounds.

Twitter Backgrounds.

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Friday morning observation. This is something that’s been bothering me for a while, and I finally decided to write about it.


There was recently a brief conversation on Twitter, regarding "Authority" and how it related to your followers and tweets and retweets. I thought the entire "conversation" if you will was a bit out of sorts. It appeared, to me that, the over all conversation was about the number of followers and tweets an individual had that conveyed on them some sort of "authority." That sort of authority is certainly a shallow one in my understanding and thinking. Now, numbers of retweets might be a better measurement and yet even that appears to be lacking in substance. Wouldn’t "authority", like Porn be in the eye of the beholder for those of us who hold up certain individuals to be Authorities in certain subject areas. What I did see missing in the entire conversation was the current or conventional wisdom on how we convey or give authority to those we know. I’m thinking here of, what a person has accomplished, schooling, businesses started, books written and other tangible accomplishments. These items seem to be a much better yardstick of authority, than numbers of followers, tweets and retweets on a fledgeling Web 2.0 internet tool.

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Web a-twitter with terror attacks – Mumbai India

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Video Twitter.

My friend Michael Bailey, has a new tool for you to use in conjunction with Twitter. I’ve talked and tweeted back and forth with Michael regarding his efforts and have used Mobatalk on several occasions myself. It works well and works the first time you’ll use it. Bravo Michael.

(Via Mashable!.)

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More Twitter weirdness

I went to log into twitter this afternoon and this is what I saw.

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Hey @twitter.

Yes the new design is nice and maybe even a bit more functional and yet you’ve still not addressed this!

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A new coat of paint can’t stop the Whale…


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