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Downtown Eyesore for the DNC?

Ok, this is just breaking news, and there’s no Artist Rendition yet. However first impressions are that it will be an eyesore in Downtown.

“Mega tent” planned for downtown Denver in time for DNC: “A new special events venue beneath whats being described as a ‘mega tent’ in downtown Denver will be built in time for the Democratic National Convention.”

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Fresh Paint.

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Oracle being an Iron Fisted, Iron Man?

Update – So apparently it’s Oracle that has movie issues and not Marvel.

So Making Money is a Good Idea, Iron Man Boycott Off: ”

Well it looks like the kids over at Oracle, which is promoting the movie, complained about the TechCrunch event.

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Iron Man Movie = Fail

So what’s Marvel and David Althoff afraid of?

I May be Boycotting the Iron Man Movie: ”

So the guys over at Tech Crunch were planning an Iron Man Movie event in San Francisco. They paid the full ticket price for every seat then they got a Cease and Desist E-mail from David Althoff at Marvel.

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Mobile Village.


Here’s a great post on the continuing growth of our global mobile village.

The global village is mobile: ”

‘we shape our tools and then our tools shape us.’
– Marshall McLuhan

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Tele Atlas

These guys were in Downtown Denver on Sunday.
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Denver Media Makers – April Meeting

More info at
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