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On Time Events….NOT

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iPad Kiosk’s

A couple of our local iPad kiosks.

At a local Best Buy.

At a local Target.

iTunes Store App Fail.

Update:And a HT and thanks to @davidherrold for directing me to the proper area on which to click regarding the “free” download. It’s certainly not a very intuitive process I say.

I was going through my RSS feeds this morning, yes I still use RSS so get over it, and came across the following app. It’s the Snow and Ski Report by REI.

It looks interesting and with the upcoming 2010/2011 Colorado Ski season nearly upon us I wanted to take a look at the app. However as you see in the screen shot below, there’s no way to download the app to try it out.

Screen shot 2010-10-06 at 10.01.01 AM.png

Did they just create the page for show and not want you to download the app?

iTunes and Ping

I have signed up to use Ping as a part of the iTunes update and yet that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. Yes I have a few “friends” but that’s about it.

Today I was moving some radio stations to my music area and came across the following.

Screen shot 2010-10-02 at 12.05.43 PM.png

I can only surmise that Apple will begin to offer this service in the future. I’m still not clear as to why they’re trying to sell radio station content they are providing on the Radio Station side of their content offerings.

Congratulations Apple

And man what a visually, busy noisy page.

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Safari 3.1.2


Safari 3.1.2

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I’ve been working more with Safari and Webkit recently and decided to capture this bit of strangeness.

iPhone 3G.

iPhone 3G.

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No, I’m not standing/sitting or otherwise waiting in line to get one. Continuing with not getting one when they first came out, I’ll not be getting one again.

Demand to exceed supply.

Back in Journalism School, we’d be told to rewrite this type of story. Especially with the headline as, the Journalism instructor would refer to it as a “Blinding flash of the obvious,” or BFO.

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New iPhone?


No thanks, not yet. I didn’t buy into all they hype and fanfare a year ago when it was introduced. I remember joining Jeff Pulver‘s group on Facebook on, those of us who weren’t buying an iPhone. I’m still a member of the group a year later.

Would I like an iPhone? Sure, eventually, and until then I’ll make due with my current lack of an iPhone to seek out alternative mobile solutions.

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Steve Cisler, Digital Librarian, RIP

I had the opportunity to interact with Steve in the early 90’s. I was in Tulsa, OK., at the time and we were looking to putting the City Council and other City Departments on line. Steve was my contact at Apple. We spoke by phone a number of times and exchanged e-mails. He will be missed.

Steve Cisler, digital librarian, RIP: “Steve Cisler, the quintessential ‘digital librarian,’ died last week of cancer. Steve was a pioneer in the kinds of information retrieval, virtual communities, and global knowledge sharing that have become the platforms of today’s Web. My colleague Michael Liebhold at Institute for the Future worked with Steve for years at Apple, where Steve ran the Library of Tomorrow program. Mike writes of his friend: