Customer Loyalty Comes from Conversation

Loyalty Cards – 7 on my key chain and 3 more in my wallet. Yikes. These are entirely to many for me and yet, many retailers I might drop into, ask at the check out, if I have a Loyalty Card.

I’ve long thought maybe they should just lower their prices across the board rather than having to make their customers jump through hoops to get a few cents off on a product.

Somewhere in the deep recesses of an office building in some undisclosed location, there’s a harried figure crunching numbers for the retailer and vendor who may or may not use the information properly.

Customer Loyalty Comes from Conversation : “

Loyalty Card

What if instead of focusing on loyalty programs, companies focused on customer rewards? The best reward of all being a loyal company that looks out for its customers, understands their needs, and works in alignment with partners to deliver on them.

How many loyalty cards do you have in your wallet? Do they work for you or are you working to get anything out of them? Often at the (company and personal) cost of the very thing they were created to promote – loyalty.

Conversation leads to brand experience, which in turn may lead to loyalty. Card or no card, a reward for many customers today is often a prompt customer service rep who seeks to listen and understand what is needed and has the ability and company back-up to make it happen.

Some issues with loyalty programs are:

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