Worst Vetter Ever!!!

Worst Vetter Ever!!!: “

timothy_geithner_reuters by you.daschle by you.Nancy Killefer by you. After the repeated tax delinquency embarrassments that have plagued the early Obama administration nominations, has anyone bothered to ask the question(s); What is wrong with President Barack Hussein Obama’s vetting procedures? Who is he consulting with to make these picks, a bunch of monkeys sitting at typewriters?

Where are all of the hyperventilating lefties who made a franchise of decrying McCain’s ‘sloppy’ vetting of Sarah Palin?

New York Times?
Huffington Post?
Daily Kos?

Surely if McCain’s vetting process made you angry, President Barack Husssein Obama’s system must have you apoplectic.

(Via Founding Bloggers.)

Worst Vetter Ever!!!


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