The disingenuous nature of the new Administration is simply amazing. Why Timothy Geithner is still on the table as being considered for the position of Secretary of the Treasury is insincere and calculating, on the part of President Obama, to give us someone who doesn’t qualify for the position.


The United States Senate has rejected presidential nominees for similar and lessor offenses than that of Timothy Geithner for Secretary of the Treasury. I’ve been silent on this subject thus far but the nomination of Geithner as head of the IRS just reeks of hypocrisy and frankly embarrassment. How is the public trust supposed to rest assuredly with a man who failed to pay his taxes?

Think back around eight years ago. President Bush nominated Linda Chavez as Labor Secretary back in 2001. The Democrats had a field day with her because she had been accused of hiring someone who was not in the country legally. By doing so they continued an expectation level – you can’t be head of labor if you can’t follow basic labor laws. She eventually withdrew herself from the nomination.

So how is this any different with Geithner? It isn’t. You can’t be head of the IRS if you can’t follow tax laws. Period. That’s the expectation level for that post. Too bad.

The GOP Senators should reject this nomination collectively based on principle. There is no compromise here. This isn’t obstruction. This isn’t being mean. This isn’t even revenge. It is about the public trust and the audacity to nominate someone who so overtly believes his failure to adhere to the law should have no impact on his ability to force OTHERS to do it. Writing a check and saying your tax software made a mistake is not acceptable.

And Geithner should withdraw and allow President Obama the opportunity to nominate someone who didn’t violate the tax laws before they were put in charge of the tax laws.

(Via Conservative Belle.)


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