There was recently a brief conversation on Twitter, regarding "Authority" and how it related to your followers and tweets and retweets. I thought the entire "conversation" if you will was a bit out of sorts. It appeared, to me that, the over all conversation was about the number of followers and tweets an individual had that conveyed on them some sort of "authority." That sort of authority is certainly a shallow one in my understanding and thinking. Now, numbers of retweets might be a better measurement and yet even that appears to be lacking in substance. Wouldn’t "authority", like Porn be in the eye of the beholder for those of us who hold up certain individuals to be Authorities in certain subject areas. What I did see missing in the entire conversation was the current or conventional wisdom on how we convey or give authority to those we know. I’m thinking here of, what a person has accomplished, schooling, businesses started, books written and other tangible accomplishments. These items seem to be a much better yardstick of authority, than numbers of followers, tweets and retweets on a fledgeling Web 2.0 internet tool.

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