74% of CEOs Believe Obama Would Be Disastrous for the Nation

With the current financial crisis still at the forefront of everyone’s mind and wallet, this is a telling tale that needs to be told and then told again.

Why any rational thinking individual, given the facts that we do know, would continue to allow those individuals and members of the Democratic Party, continue to oversee the problem that they allowed to occur is beyond belief. Then to support the leader of the Democratic Party, an individual with minimal political experience, no executive or management experience, an ongoing history of questionable judgement and integrity, is simply adding fuel to the fire.

74% of CEOs Believe Obama Would Be Disastrous for the Nation: ”

If a recent poll found that almost 75 percent of America’s top business leaders felt that a McCain presidency would be disastrous for the nation, with some even stating that his proposals if enacted would bankrupt the country in three years, do you think media would have reported it?

Probably every hour on the hour until every American had heard about it, right?

Well, on Wednesday, with the nation in the middle of what is being regularly portrayed as the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, Chief Executive magazine released its survey of 751 CEOs finding that 74 percent fear ‘an Obama presidency would be disastrous for the country.

Some CEO’s went so far as claiming ‘[Obama’s] programs would bankrupt the country within three years, if implemented (emphasis added, h/t Jazz from Hell, photo courtesy Time.com):

Chief Executive magazine’s most recent polling of 751 CEOs shows that GOP presidential candidate John McCain is the preferred choice for CEOs.  According to the poll, which is featured on the cover of Chief Executive’s most recent issue, by a four-to-one margin, CEOs support Senator John McCain over Senator Barack Obama.  Moreover, 74 percent of the executives say they fear that an Obama presidency would be disastrous for the country.

‘The stakes for this presidential election are higher than they’ve ever been in recent memory,’ said Edward M. Kopko, CEO and Publisher of Chief Executive magazine. ‘We’ve been experiencing consecutive job losses for nine months now. There’s no doubt that reviving the job market will be a top priority for the incoming president. And job creating CEOs repeatedly tell us that McCain’s policies are far more conducive to a more positive employment environment than Obama’s.’ […]

‘I’m not terribly excited about McCain being president, but I’m sure that Obama, if elected, will have a negative impact on business and the economy,’ said one CEO voicing his lack of enthusiasm for either candidate, but particularly Obama.

In expressing their rejection of Senator Obama, some CEOs who responded to the survey went as far as to say that ‘some of his programs would bankrupt the country within three years, if implemented.’  In fact, the poll highlights that Obama’s tax policies, which scored the lowest grade in the poll, are particularly unpopular among CEOs.

Despite the poll’s findings, from what I can tell, even though this study was disseminated by PRNewswire, it has garnered very little mainstream media attention.

Think that would be the case if these business leaders were so negative about McCain’s economic policies?

No, I don’t either!

(Via NewsBusters.org – Exposing Liberal Media Bias.)

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One response to “74% of CEOs Believe Obama Would Be Disastrous for the Nation

  1. The bald truth is, not a lot of people have a whole lot of faith in CEOs right now. These people aren’t seen as being able to run their own businesses without tanking the entire market and needing gov’t bailouts. Right now the perception is they’re scared of losing the influence of their GOP buddies in the white house.

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