I installed this Firefox addition as it appeared it had some great potential. After a couple of days it became clear that it wasn’t playing well with Firefox 3.0.2 and has been uninstalled. Another instance where a Web 2.0 company has a good idea, and fails in the implementation.

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  1. Mind explaining a bit more, what made the whole experience bad for you/not playing nice in your Firefox? We’re very much interested in fixing it, but we need to know what went wrong for you.

    Jure Cuhalev, Zemanta

  2. Thanks for the inquiry.

    The problem that was the clincher was the fact that after I’d select a picture and some additional tags, I’d hit save on the WP dashboard. I’d then “go back’ to the manage area, option in WP. I’d continually get an error message box saying that I was going to lose all my unsaved work.

    Sometimes saving a second time would do the trick and I’d be able to move on. Finally yesterday after 4-6 error messages and repeated saves, I decided it was to much work for what I was getting.

    I do like the idea and concept of your product and when I have to continually do what appears to be testing work, in order to get something to function properly I find that I can do without it, or do it manually.

    I note also that the picture selection didn’t always match up well with the blog postings. I imagine that’s due to the data base of available pictures. Also pictures that in the journalism business were “wild art” often were a part of the 3 panel selection.

    Best Regard, Paul

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