Sen. Obama and Currency Speculation.

Given the news on the markets today you’ve likely missed this. It also would appear that Sen. Obama, Democrats, and George Soros, would rather that you not see this too.

HT: (Via Stop The ACLU.)

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One response to “Sen. Obama and Currency Speculation.

  1. Obama is the best thing that could happen in the United States, he wants the unity of all american people.
    But if he dosen’t succeeds, I think that the crisis will increased as a result of the
    politics of mistake for the Republicans party. I see an America that each state gradually take a different path because of the crisis thatwill created the need for a change of direction, I see each state wanting to be an independent country, will be good for the world! with the united states separated more peace in the world !!!!!!!! if they want to restore its credibility in the world , if they want to surf in the economic crisis total

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