Newt Gingrich Delivers a Giant Tail-kicking (and more MSM antics)

This is too good not to post in full. I’ll give the reporter credit, he knew when he was out of his league and decided to end the interview.

Newt Gingrich Delivers a Giant Tail-kicking (and more MSM antics): “

I was flipping back and forth through all the cable news networks and C-SPAN watching the RNC. I just happened to catch this particular scene on MSNBC. Several of us did and we all hoped it got captured on video and uploaded to YouTube. Good news! My blogging buddy, Mr. Grey Ghost of Politik Ditto managed to find it.

That reporter was stunned. I laughed. We need more of this kind of entertainment. Take off the gloves, conservatives and let them have it. I don’t have a clip of it but Laura Ingraham and Lynn Swann did a great job of speaking out for Republicans on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren after the convention last night. The media seems stunned that a black Republican or a female Republican would actually support the Republican ticket over Barack Obama.

And of course, Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC just couldn’t get over Joe Lieberman’s willingness to support John McCain and Sarah Palin. Mitchell continued to say to Lieberman that he was McCain’s choice for VP and attempt to rub salt in the wound that he was overlooked. Lieberman’s not bitter. He supports both candidates. [I’ll post videos later if I can find them.] He handled her well and she was ultimately disappointed that he did not take her obviously biased bait.

And guess who did NOT show most of the speech (or any of it) of Fred Thompson? A number of the regular network stations (ABC, CBS and NBC). What a surprise! Thompson gave a rousing and persuasive speech last night. He motivated the base, smacked the media’s handling of Palin, convinced us of McCain’s courage and strength, and delivered some great attack lines against Obama. And the media was afraid to show that. They knew he was going to unload on them with both barrels. Well done, Fred.

(Via Conservative Belle.)


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