Nokia E90 Communicator


I’ve had the Nokia E90 Communicator for nearly a week now and some first impressions are in order.

It’s big and a bit bulky, and yet not so much that it becomes a bother. It took some great video while we were at the 4th of July celebration in Golden, CO. I also like the auto focus feature for the E90, pictures.

I can see how while traveling this could be your mobile office and not having to make use of a huge laptop bag and all the accompanying cords and such. The keyboard is small, yes, and while I’d not want to write the great American Novel upon it, it is certainly useable for text messaging and e-mail’s that you need to send. I do note that the keyboard isn’t back lit so typing in the dark or low light is a challenge. The keyboard while a bit smaller than the Nokia N800 and N810 which I’ve used, is still a bit of a challenge to use like you would, if you’ve used a Blackberry 7290 or similar. The thumb stretch is a bit of a reach in some cases.

Overall, for the first week, it’s been great. I look forward to making even more use if this coming week.

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2 responses to “Nokia E90 Communicator

  1. hi paul. just would like to inform you that the E90’s keyboard is backlit. you just have to press the bulb looking key (right beside “1”) to activate the back light.

  2. Hi,

    E90 has keyboard back light. The bulb symbol on top left corner activates the same.


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