3 Ways to lower Gas Prices.

Here’s a great step by step plan to address our current gas/oil crisis in the U.S.. I’m wondering when anyone of our elected officials inside the beltway will begin to take a stand and speak out like Newt Gingrich.

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2 responses to “3 Ways to lower Gas Prices.

  1. Here is a way to control gas prices. GasBankUSA talks about fixed price gasoline. Here is a link to their site, http://www.gasbankusa.com

  2. The entire notion that somehow coal is now “clean” is nothing more than good marketing by the industry. Sorry to say but coal is still the dirtiest energy source on the the planet – pumping more mercury and greenhouse gases into the air than ever before: http://www.coal-is-dirty.com/top-5-clean-coal-myths

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