Why America isn’t energy independent.

For the past 30 years the Democrats have blocked –

the development of new sources of petroleum,

drilling in ANWR

drilling off the coast of Florida

drilling off of the east coast

drilling off of the west coast

drilling off the Alaskan coast

building oil refineries

clean nuclear energy production

clean coal production

and continue to offer empty promises and platitudes instead of action to correct the situation.

House Minority Leader John Boehner along with other’s in the House have finally had enough, with the do nothing Democrat Lead House and Senate.

It’s about time that someone has finally stood up and begun to show the Democrats for what they are, crippling the U.S. Economy.

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One response to “Why America isn’t energy independent.

  1. Amazing. You leave off 2 items which dwarf everything you list.

    The Bakken field has more oil, on-shore in the lower 48, than all those sources you list.

    A small American research group is pushing along a project that could make electric power available at 0.2¢/kwh within a decade. Worldwide. $5m invested in FocusFusion.org would pretty much do it.

    That, btw, would allow driving an EV like the TeslaMotors Roadster (125 mph sportscar) for a year at under $10.

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