It’s about judgement – Election 2008.

Sen. Obama has two more judgement lapses in his current campaign. First, former CEO Of Fannie Mae, Jim Johnson, who received special loans from Countrywide, and Obama’s Finance Chair, the former Chairwoman of the failed $2.3 billion Superior Bank in suburban Chicago.

Is anyone beginning to see an overall pattern here of horrible judgement on the part of Sen. Obama?

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6 responses to “It’s about judgement – Election 2008.

  1. The only pattern I see is that of anti-Obama zealots trying to create a judgment issue where there isn’t one. Senator Obama has by far the best judgment I’ve seen of any politician in my lifetime (which is perhaps why the anti-Obama camp feels the need to obfuscate it with such ferocity). Hopefully the public will use their God-given brains and assess for themselves Obama’s performance, rather than fixate on misleading claims that, to be valid, would have Senator Obama responsible for every word and action of virtually everyone he’s ever known. It’s nonsense. The desperate tactics of a sinking GOP. Shameful.

  2. Repeating something over and over and over does not make it true. Senator Obama’s judgment remains strong, and vastly superior to that of his opponents. That’s apparent time and time again in his actual record and his actual accomplishment. Yet people follow this fear-based nonsense like lemmings off a cliff.

  3. Dale R.: You stated, “That’s apparent time and time again in his actual record and his actual accomplishment”. And exactly what actual record of good judgment and accomplishment are you referring to? Check out his record on the abortion issue, which hasn’t surfaced yet but is well documented. What about his voting record in the Senate? I believe he voted in favor of the farm bill which will allow subsidies to farmers (even those making hundreds of thousands of $$) in such excesses that it is astounding. “Other peoples’ money”; other peoples’ lives.
    How about his interview with Jim McTague in this week’s Barron’s article, “Obama Takes both Sides in Nuclear Debate”? Jim McTague states, “Welcome to the world of quantum politices, where a candidate can be in two places at once. It worked in the primary. We doubt it will hold up in the larger political universe”.

  4. As a recent exmaple: who was the single candidate who had the brains to see through this pandering nonsense about a gas tax holiday, and the guts to say so? Obama. Who has the most coherent, realistic, and well-thought-out healthcare policy? Obama. Who has had U.S. foreign policy right all along, Iraq in particular? Obama. (Just think what we could have accomplished in Afghanistan by now if it wasn’t for the expensive travesty we created in Iraq.) I happen to think Obama’s stance on abortion is 100% right on on the money. I think your distatste for Obama is hasty and reactionary, not to mention undereducated. You haven’t given him a fair shake, and instead cling to articles and soundbytes that concur with what you’ve already decided anyway. That’s fine, it’s your right, but you might as well at least ‘fess up to it and stop pretending you’ve made an informed decision.

  5. “Senator Obama’s judgment remains strong”

    We have yet to meet a single person he’s judged as worthy of his association that isn’t a full-blown caricature of everything he’s decrying in America. Either the man himself is so heinous that he’s radioactively infecting everyone around him, or he’s got very poor judgement. Take your pick.

  6. Nice, James. Very intelligent and objectively argued. Don’t vote for the man if you don’t want to, I don’t care. But please, dial back on the sweeping blanket statements based not on fact but your personal opinion. They make you look kind of silly, and frankly prove my case that anti-Obama people tend to ignore reason and instead believe whatever Fox News and that ilk tell them to.

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