Losing $3,700 a year for the next 20 years

The Senate is currently debating The Lieberman-Warner America’s Climate Security Act. This piece of horrible legislation has the potential to raise energy prices, cost jobs and reduce each household income by thousands each year.

Why in the world, where this type of scheme has failed miserably, do our elected officials continue to attempt to legislate our way to energy savings? Has anyone inside the beltway stood up and recommended,
developing new sources of petroleum?– No
drilling in ANWR?– No

drilling off the coast of Florida?– No

drilling off of the east coast?– No

drilling off of the west coast?– No

drilling off the Alaskan coast?– No

building oil refineries?– No

developing shale oil deposits?– No

adding nuclear energy production?– No

adding clean coal production?– No

Where are the patriots and forward proactive thinkers who can lead our country?

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