Obama’s Gaffe About Hugo Chavez

Sen. Obama now show us how little he knows about foreign policy and Latin America.

Will Media Report Obama’s Gaffe About When Hugo Chavez Came to Power?: “

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One response to “Obama’s Gaffe About Hugo Chavez

  1. Oh, please, give us a break. Does anyone really believe Obama doesn’t know how many states there are in the U.S.?

    He mistook Sioux Falls (in my native South Dakota) for Sioux City Iowa? Well, so what? The two cities are rather close, and Obama isn’t from the area. Moreover, HE CAUGHT HIS OWN MISTAKE.

    Did he really think that Chavez came into power during George W. Bush’s reign of terror?’

    Now that one wouldn’t surprise me, because the Democrats are all clueless about Chavez. In fact, it’s rather amusing watching the media wh*res try to discredit Obama by associating him with Chavez, when Obama has never displayed any genuine support for Chavez.

    In contrast, I’m running for public office and am using my campaign to support Chavez. I even created a website suupporting Chavez at http://www.viva-chavez.com.

    If you people can’t get a clue about U.S. politics, at least get a clue about Hugo Chavez.

    David Blomstrom

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