I’ve been having some recent conversations regarding GPS units and overall discussions about GPS in general. I’ve never been a big fan of GPS over the years. The units have been big and bulky and ugly. I’m not convinced that having one of the large GPS screens suction cupped to my windshield is how I want to figure out how to get around in this world.

I’ve been a Professional Driver, and continue to hold a Commercial Drivers License. In each case of driving, Cabs, Over the Road (OTR), and Limousine’s, there has either been talk of or in the case of the Limousine’s, a test of using GPS units, to assist the drivers. Personally I think that a Professional Driver making use of a GPS unit is cheating, and certainly degrades the profession. Recently I’ve been made aware of another type of GPS unit that appears to have great applications here for us in Colorado.

Global Trek Xploration or GTX Corp, calls themselves a “Personal Location Services Company.” They have developed a miniaturized GPS device with apparently a plethora of uses.

Coloradans love the outdoors and year round we’re out in all types of weather and environments. Skiing, biking, hiking, camping, and driving to take in all the beautiful scenery that Colorado offers, means lots of folks out on the roads, and also on the trails. A small unit that one could toss in a fanny pack or day pack while out in the High Country opens up a host of possibilities for safety while enjoying the great outdoors.


One response to “GPS

  1. I don’t think using of a GPS is “cheating”. GPS navigation is just a tool to assist you making the job done easier, and perhaps quicker, too. GPS is a productivity tool for a professional driver.

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