Retailers Take Note.


I stopped here today to pick up some software. The store wasn’t real busy, and there was a good sized group at the Genius bar waiting however. I found the software and then an Apple employee who could ring up my sale. Armed with his wireless device the entire transaction took a couple of minutes and the receipt was on its way to my email.

Now, I like to stand around in the Apple Store and dream and drool just like the next guy, and yet my experience highlights the disparity of retail outlets and their sales flow for their customers. I didn’t have several Apple Employees asking me if I was finding everything in the store ok, or asking if they could help me find anything. No question at the point of sale, “Did you find everything you were looking for?”, or, “Did you want to take the extended warranty?” Simply a transaction between me and Apple, and handled remarkably well by the staff at the Flatirons store. Will I go back, sure. Other Electronic, and Technology Retailers, take note on how Apple handles their customer relations in the retail setting. You can learn lots.

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