Utterz Contest

Contests are nice and I’m tempted to enter. I like Utterz and their product and how it works, even without the contest. Then I take another look at the contest and what is being given away and realize that I really don’t want to spent the time or effort for a niche product. I know that there are many people who love their Nokia 95. I see those who have the Nokia 95 all the time on twitter, posting to come chat with them on their Nokia 95. Problem is, that unless you have one of the Nokia approved phones, you can’t chat. All you can do is watch. That certainly doesn’t do anything for encouraging conversations. It’s just movies of what people are currently doing. Interesting and yet not furthering any conversation, or conversations.

So now that you know I’m not entering the Utterz contest, you’ve got that much more of a chance at winning the grand prize.

Win a Nokia 95 from Utterz: “

The Utterz mobile blogging platform (and I’m on the advisory board there) is giving away a Nokia N95 for their new as part of the community at SOBCon08.

Create a Commercial for Your Webpage, Win a Nokia N95


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