"Green" License plates?

This is just wrong on so many levels – http://tinyurl.com/57bm6d
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One response to “"Green" License plates?

  1. You are correct Paul,
    One level that it is wrong, misleading the public for Big Energy additional funding.
    Did you know that in Florida some of the proceeds for DOT specialty plates for Turtles, Reefs, Dolphins and Whales is used to support Alternative Energy solutions.
    In fact only a very small percentage of the actual profits does benefit the Foundations of Nature Research and Rehabilitation.
    If the dollars are lobbied for properly, they can be substancial and have major benefits.
    I cannot fathom the thought that an Executive Director of a Turtle Rehabilitation Facility would have to lobby for donations that should be granted, no question.
    It is very intimidating for any Executive to have to ask for Funding from the Government.
    That’s exactly why we created the EarthRehab 100% recycled plastic Green License Plate, with 50% of the Proceeds going directly to your choice of Environmental Foundations.
    When Big Government is in bed with Big Energy and Big Agriculture, we all should be concerned.

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