Toll roads reduce traffic?

This is just first impressions, so take it for what that’s worth. It appears that the Colorado State Senate, thinks that charging people a $5/toll to drive on I-70 is the way to best reduce the traffic along the interstate on the weekends during ski season. There’s nothing in the story regarding how they plan to implement such a toll structure and just where the money collected is going to go. Can those in the Senate, cite, studies where adding a toll reduces traffic congestion for six months a year? What other possible solutions were looked at before choosing this weak response of a solution.

Do I have a save all solution. Hell no. I’m smart enough to not go up in the high country from Friday thru Sunday, because I’ve been stuck in the occasional gridlock traffic, and learned my lesson. I also don’t go up to the ski areas during the ski season, as the pricing structure is geared for the skiers and not for those of us who live here. I’d really like to know what other solutions were considered, cussed and discussed before this save all solution was passed. It certainly appears that this is simply a stop gap, band-aid solution and the Senate is hoping that it’s application will make the real issue go away.

Senate panel clears way for tolls on Interstate 70: “A bill to add $5 tolls for driving Interstate 70 each way between Floyd Hill and the Eisenhower-Johnson tunnels passed the Senate Transportation Committee Thursday.”

(Via Latest news from Denver.)

Senate panel clears way for tolls on Interstate 70

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