A Friend in India with a dream.

Here’s a posting from a friend of mine in Chennai, India.

A Deeply Personal Paradigm Shift: ”

Today, for the n’th time, I experienced the thrill of having my faith in the goodness of humanity reaffirmed.

A paradigm shifted in my ‘world-view’ around 11 years ago. Strangely enough (coincidentally?), it was around that time when I got seriously involved in my non-profit activity.

In 1997, I was a freshly graduated heart surgeon, with a big (if uncertain) dream about helping children with congenital heart defects. My monthly salary as an Assistant Professor was around $300. My online activities were earning another $500 to $750 a month.

My dream involved the generation of $2,500 to sponsor heart surgery – and do it many times a year!

I had no clue how to go about it. No advisors or guides to share this plan with. No mentors to ask for guidance about the best way forward.

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