Watching TV on your phone.

I had a brief conversation today via skype about watching tv on your phone. I’ve had 3 phones with TV capabilities and while interesting and a unique feature to show a bystander, it didn’t impress me. I haven’t really been enrolled by anyone, on the need for watching TV on my phone. I can see an occasional use, for breaking local news items and I just can’t see watching Law & Order on such a small screen as the phone has. Then there is the battery issue. On two of the phones I had, after 5 minutes of watching a live TV feed, the battery became extremely hot to the touch. Also, none of the handset manufactures have even begun to address the issue of battery life with the TV and music capabilities of the current phone models. So it appears that we’ll have to wait for the next generation of phones and batteries before this becomes more common place than it is currently.


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