“Double Standard” is the new “Flip-flop?”

It appears that “Double Standard” is the new buzz word for this years Presidential Election.

Barack ‘Double Standard’ Obama: “

The first presidential candidate to call loudly and unforgivingly for Don Imus to be fired after his infamous ‘nappy headed hos’ remark was—get ready for a shock—Barack Obama: Before Wright Firestorm, Obama Called for Imus Firing.

Barack Obama had been a presidential candidate for more than a year before he outright repudiated his long-time pastor for racially charged, anti-U.S. sermons. But when talk show host Don Imus was in hot water 11 months ago for racially insensitive comments, Obama was the first candidate to call for his firing.

When asked about the different responses to his pastor and to Imus, Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor questioned the premise of the comparison and defended Obama’s response in each case. ‘He spoke out both times, so it’s entirely consistent,’ he told FOXNews.com Tuesday.

Obama — who in a major speech Tuesday decried controversial remarks by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. dating back to 2001 — called for Imus to be fired just one week after Imus made the remarks in April 2007, two months after Obama had announced his candidacy.

‘There’s nobody on my staff who would still be working for me if they made a comment like that about anybody of any ethnic group. And I would hope that NBC ends up having that same attitude,’ Obama told ABC News in an April 11 interview. …

Obama said in the 2007 ABC interview he would never appear again on Imus’ show.

‘He didn’t just cross the line,’ Obama said. ‘He fed into some of the worst stereotypes that my two young daughters are having to deal with today in America.’

(Hat tip: cblesz.)

(Via Little Green Footballs.)

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