Journalism at it’s finest?

Incident’s like these make me glad I didn’t go to journalism school where these folks did. I’m glad I learned the basics of writing a story as a reporter from my instructors. ”

Thursday, February 28, 2008
New York Times Again Tries To Hit McCain On Eligibility Questions
Posted by: Duane R. Patterson  at 4:33 PM
Last week, the New York Times ran a debacle of a story about John McCain that lacked credible sourcing and any hard facts to back up whispered, third-party allegations. It was a story that was deemed unworthy for publication by the Boston Globe, the Seattle Post Intelligencer and Beltway insiders like Morton Kondracke, and even the Times’ own ombudsman, Clark Hoyt.  As Hugh cites below, there is a Rasmussen report that of the roughly two thirds of people polled that say they followed the Times story fairly closely last week, two-thirds of them believe it was a hatchet job by the Times to hurt McCain. 

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