I recently wrote about why I wasn’t ready to dump Skype for ooVoo just yet. It was a quick response to something I’d seen on the net, and was simply a snapshot of a moment in time of my experience with ooVoo.

Prior to that writing, I’d been working on my own thoughts and experience with ooVoo. I downloaded the program a few weeks ago, after learning about it, likely from a twitter posting. I was also interested in the program, due to the fact they were working on a Macintosh version, and I wanted to see how that would work. The download and sign up went fine, and the user interface is very nice and user friendly. There are the three standard company principles that are on-line and show up each and every time I’d log in, so I began to add others as I saw mention of their getting the program as well. While I’ve not kept exacting records, I’ve not had any more than five people, on-line, at any one time that I’ve logged on. I have a total of 13 people in my list of ooVoo contacts not including company folks.

Shortly after getting the program I learned of the My ooVoo Day and was excited to not only experience how the program worked, as well as chat with people I’m aware of in the world of Social Networking, and New Media. So off I went, signing up for, 4 sessions. I did receive conformation of my sign ups along with instructions regarding the procedures for the sessions. Unfortunately, I missed the first session, as it was on a Sunday and I’d totally forgotten about it. The next two sessions I was prompt and ready to go at the appointed time, only to not have any session. I’m not sure if the host decided not to have a session or if there were other technical issues that prevented the session from occuring. In those cases there was no follow up by the session host or ooVoo. Now I do understand that I didn’t pay to be a part of these sessions other than with my time, and it would seem that some sort of follow up is a great tracking and feedback tool to use in these types of sessions. My fourth session went like a charm, with great audio and video between the host and myself.

Since then I’ve attempted one other session to introduce ooVoo to someone, and we had to go to Skype as both the video and audio were not useable for either of us.

So my take on ooVoo, over the past couple of weeks? Like many of the new software tools that are coming out in the Web 2.0/Social Networking/New Media arena, it’s a great start. First impressions are that it appears to be well put together and thought out, seeing as my download and sign up experiences went without a hitch. What didn’t work for me was ooVoo’s implementation, other than the one My ooVoo Day session that worked. My current positives on ooVoo sessions is at 25%. I’ll continue to monitor what the folks at ooVoo are doing and when an updated version of the Mac version of ooVoo comes out I’ll again take a look at this tool.

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One response to “ooVoo

  1. I do like ooVoo but can’t see me leaving Skype for some time yet. ooVoo is a good start but they have a long way to go before they are as good as Skype

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