Why I’m not ready to dump Skype for ooVoo just yet.

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I know this is just a snapshot and yet it is typical of my current experience with both of the programs to date. The snapshot shows I’ve got 4x as many friends available on Skype as I do on ooVoo. The ooVoo folks have done a great first take on their product. I’ve used it and it works well for a first version, with a few bugs and of course that’s to be expected.

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3 responses to “Why I’m not ready to dump Skype for ooVoo just yet.

  1. Are many of your Skype contacts Mac users? Perhaps your list could grow a bit more for ooVoo if more people knew where to get the Mac beta download version. I work for the company and wanted to provide link for the curious. Go to http://www.myoovooday.com and click download button. It will then ask for PC or Mac. Just follow download instructions after that. Hope this helps!

  2. kwolph: Thanks for the comment. The majority of my Skype contacts are Mac users, and the list of my ooVoo contacts are also Mac users, and know where and how to download the Mac beta version. Scott Monty and I have had conversations regarding this. I’ll be also posting what worked and what didn’t work re: http://www.myoovooday.com for me.

  3. Thanks for the insight.

    Look forward to the post!

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