Are we really surprised…

that a politician would go back on their word? The more important newsworthy item is when the politician keeps their word. Now that’s news.

Obama’s Corner On Public Financing: “Barack Obama has made a historic presidential run this cycle primarily on the basis of changing the political culture in Washington. His unbelievable success has ironically set a trap for a potential general-election run. Obama has to choose now between keeping his word, or conveniently breaking it and exposing himself as just another self-serving politician: A year ago, at the beginning of his bid to secure the clean-up-Washington mantle, Barack Obama made a pact with John McCain that, if the two were to be their party’s nominees, each would accept public financing for the general election. That agreement sounded far-fetched: At the time, McCain was in the middle of his high-profile free-fall in the polls, while Obama trailed Hillary Clinton by wide margins in virtually every poll. Now, McCain is virtually the nominee-in-waiting. By his campaign’s count, he has already surpassed the necessary threshold of delegates needed to win the…”

(Via Captain’s Quarters.)

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