Who is this woman, and why is she here?

We have HDTV from our local Comcast provider here in Denver and so far it’s been great. There are approximately 20 channels that are available, including our local network channels along with the standard movie channels and a variety of other offerings.

While the offerings have provided three to five shows per week that are worthy of recording, I’m left wanting more. So I decided to search online for some sort of comparison site of available HD offerings here in Denver.

So far I’ve come up empty. There are several sales sites with the offerings of the satellite companies, Dish Network and Direct TV.(Full disclosure here: I’ve worked for Echostar, Dish Network’s parent company here in Denver, and have been a customer of both Dish Network and Direct TV at one point while living here in Denver and also while living in Houston, TX.) I’m not finding anyone who’s put together a grid with the respective providers and their HD offerings. I’m also a bit skeptical that HD listings are current or accurate from the providers web sites.

So my search continues.

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