I had the opportunity to experience the new video tool from Yahoo this afternoon. It’s interesting, a bit busy and from first appearances a bit rough around the edges. My own experiences, (note: your mileage may vary,) the chat room worked only part of the time when I entered someone’s broadcast. The chat room reminds me of early chat programs when they first came out, like ICQ, with the wild colours and expansive fonts. For me it made for a less than pleasant chat experience. Thankfully there’s Skype, and in one session we set up a back channel for text and for a while, voice, chat, to see if we all couldn’t make sense of this new tool.

I was unable to find out how to carry on a conversation with anyone in particular in any of the broadcasts I joined. There were times, that I could chat with one or two people who were a part of the broadcast. Other times, we were relegated to writing signs with crayons and paper and holding them up to our camera’s for all to see.

Does anyone know if your broadcast is limited to simply the four other video participants that show up on the screen? It occurred to me that the four other video participants on my screen were not necessarily the same folks that were on other participants screens.

In this day and age, I expect more from a company, especially like Yahoo, who brings out a program like this, and then apparently expects those of us in the general public to finish de-bugging the product for them. Overall the product looks good and the idea is sound to a point, and yet, it leave me and others I’ve spoken with with a less than favourable taste in our mouths. I’ll continue to make use of the other video products that are currently available, and take another look at Live in a couple of weeks and see what has transpired.

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